Your Bracelet

Learn more about the Bracelet that will grant you access to the Festival and serve as your method of payment.

Access to the Festival

You need your Tomorrowland Bracelet to access the Festival and DreamVille.

Payment method

Tomorrowland Brasil is a cashless festival, which means your Bracelet is your payment method within the Festival and DreamVille.

Upon receipt of your Bracelet, you will be able to top it up with Pearls, Tomorrowland's official currency. More information will be available soon.

Shipment or pick-up

All buyers will have the option to receive their Bracelet(s) at home.

The Main Buyer will receive all bracelet(s) from their order at the address provided during purchase.

Delivery fees may vary depending on the address. If your bracelets are shipped, you will receive one Treasure Case for every two bracelets (subject to availability).

Tomorrowland Brasil is not responsible for any additional import fees charged by each country. The Main Buyer is responsible for payment, if any charges occur, in this regard.

If your Bracelet cannot be shipped due to incorrect data filled out during purchase, the delivery fee will not be refunded, and pick-up must be made at the Bracelet Pick-Up Desk on the day of the Festival.

The Treasure Case is not included if you choose to pick up your Bracelet at the event, it can be picked up at the Bracelet Pick-Up Desk.