Tomorrowland Foundation

The Tomorrowland Foundation supports non-profit organizations that are giving vulnerable children and youngsters the chance to express themselves creatively through music, dance and art, and work on their self-esteem. 

The Foundation

The People of Tomorrow are the ambassadors for a better world. Their positive energy and love inspired Tomorrowland to start working on a commitment to make this world a better place.

In collaboration with independent non-profit organizations, focused on working with vulnerable children to establish Tomorrowland Foundation Music & Arts Schools, children and youngsters now have the opportunity to attend music and art classes, discovering and unlocking their talents.

The Foundation is convinced that being able to express yourself creatively is important for the personal development of children, as well as to regain a positive self-image. Besides that, the Tomorrowland Foundation has a long-lasting collaboration with Mobile School, an organization working with street children all over the world.

Learn | Give children the ability to learn

Express | Let them express like they want to through Music & Dance

Create | Creative development is key to escape from their daily lives

Discover all ongoing projects and their positive impact on the lives of many children and youngsters worldwide.


Music & Arts School - Itu, Brazil

In Brazil, the Tomorrowland Foundation collaborates with the Tecendo Infâncias Institute and Associação Arracê. These independent organizations support children and youngster in underserved communities spanning from Itu, the hometown of Tomorrowland Brasil, to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The Foundation supports initiatives that foster creativity and bolster self-esteem among children, providing them with opportunities for personal expression and growth.

With the support of the People of Tomorrow, new instruments and educational materials have been provided to EMIA (Escola Municipal de Iniciação Artística) and extra teachers got hired at C.E.L. (Centro de Experimentação em Linguagens). Both organizations are based in the center of Itu. Thanks to this support even more children and youngsters from the local communities will be able to attend workshops and lessons on dance, theater and music.

Next step is the creation of a Tomorrowland Foundation Music & Arts School in Itu that will open its doors in 2024.

How can you support

The Tomorrowland Foundation is funded with spontaneous donations and contributions from People Of Tomorrow.

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